Answer the following 10 questions 

  • 01
    The foyer is the only place in the theatre where consumption of food and beverages is allowed.
    True False
  • 02
    Greek composers have written Operas and Operettas too.
    True False
  • 03
    Apart from Operas, the National Opera also stages ballet performances.
    True False
  • 04
    The first show of the national opera was staged in 1970.
    True False
  • 05
    The National Opera stages shows only in Athens.
    True False
  • 06
    Arias are sung only by male singers.
    True False
  • 07
    The finale of an opera is performed at its beginning.
    True False
  • 08
    The main voices in opera are five
    True False
  • 09
    Verdi’s operas belong to the Italian Romanticism of the 19th century.ου αιώνα
    True False
  • 10
    Operetta is a musical theatrical play similar to opera but much lighter.
    True False


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