The Greek National Opera’s Virtual Educational Museum is a digital representation of the thrilling world of the only Greek opera house, since the start of its operation in 1939 to this day.

It is a project in both Greek and English, with an educational and interactive character, open and accessible to all, constantly updated and upgraded.
Right now, the Virtual Educational Museum includes more than 12.000 exhibits: historical photographs, set models, costumes, programme booklets, posters, reviews, scores, musical excerpts, biography notes, and other educational games.

You can visit the webpage of the Virtual Educational Museum and run through its Virtual Exhibition, Timelines, E-Compass and Educational Games to get to know the magical world of the operatic art in Greece!


Dr. Sophia Kompotiati, Musicologist




Dr. Maria Metaxaki



Head of GNO archival collections, digitization, documentation and web application scenarios

Dr. Nikos ΑDontas


Responsible for GNO archival collections, documentation and web application scenarios -  Head of management, documentation, enrichment of Virtual Museum, Virtual Exhibition (1946-2017), curation of section “Through Time” (2015-) and all new biographical entries

Dr. Sophia Kompotiati, musicologist


GNO archival collections management

Mina Soulantzou


Documentation, costumes record assessment

Panagiota Pritsa


Research, archive documentation

Evangelia Xanthopoulou


Web applications development

Dimitris Zafiropoulos

Elias Efthimiou


Equipment installation supply

Dimitris Zafiropoulos



Project Manager (PostScriptum)

Vangelis Nikolaou


Web development manager (Tool)

Kostas Karachalios


Web development of educational applications manager (Optimedia)
Yiannis Georgiou


Information architecture (PostScriptum)
Hera Almpanoudi


Graphics-design (PostScriptum)
Dimitra Chrona


Illustration (PostScriptum)
Yiannis Stilos




Head of tracking, selection, organization, mapping, editing, pragmatics curation of visual material, and selection, organization, mapping and pragmatics curation of audio material in all sections of the application, pragmatics curation of biographical entries, of the section “Through Time” (1940-2015), of speakage in the "Electronic Compass" and of the overall museum material

Ioannis Svolos, music critic


Curation and biographies composition contributors

DrSophia Kontossi, musicologist

Dr. Manto Pyliarou, musicologist

Myrto Economides, musicologist

Christos Pouris, musicologist


Indexing and composition of play list (1940-1945) and biographical entries contributors

Makis Tzanetakos, sociologist

Paraskevi-Maria Pollatou, musicologist

Konstantinos Davios, musicologist


Texts literary curation

Stefanos Kassomenos, Eleni Tsekoura


Translation in English

Sotiris Lappas


Speakage in Greek

Maria Nafpliotou


Speakage in English

Maria-Eleni Rasidaki


Structure, content organization


Content management (PostScriptum)
Alexandros Teneketzis, historian


Data entry (PostScriptum)
Hera Almpanoudi

Assimina Karatza


Text editing (PostScriptum)

Assimina Karatza

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