Minas Alexiadis

Composer, Pianist, Musicologist
He was born in Athens. He studied piano under Marika Papaioannou and Georgios Platonas, theory and composition under Yannis Ioannidis (1966-1979). Since 1975 he is systematically engaged in jazz music, improvisation and live electronic music. After being awarded a scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (D.A.A.D), he studied composition under Günter Becker at the “Robert Schumann” Musikhochschule in Düsseldorf, graduating with a degree in composition and “live” electronic music (1986). He graduated from the Athens School of Law (1985). He composed symphonic music, chamber music, electronic music, opera, musical and theatrical works, ballet music, music for theater and cinema. He has created compositions for major institutions in Greece and abroad. His works have been performed around the world, they have been awarded in contests and broadcasted on radio and television. His opera Viva la Vida, the first musical and theater work on Frida Kahlo, inaugurated Frankfurt’s Festival at the Old Opera House [Alte Oper] (1994) and it was presented by the GNO in a new production (1996). He composed music for the presentation of many films, among them for almost all German silent films. He participated in national and international musicological and theater conferences. His articles and essays have been published in journals and scientific publications. He was artistic director at various musical institutions. Since 1989 he is member of the Board of Directors and, later on, 2nd Vice President of the Greek Composers’ Union (EEM). He was a member of the Board of Directors and General Secretary of the GNO (2002/2006). He has taught music in the Music Departments of the Aristotle University and the University of Macedonia. Since 2004 he is an assistant professor in the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens and a PhD in musicology at the Music Department of the University of Athens.