Janet Amato

Dancer, Choreographer
She was born in Sydney, Australia, on 2/8/1962. She studied dance in Athens (1982-1985), where she received a dance teacher state diploma. She studied for a long time the Pilates method, and she received consecutive diplomas after her apprenticeship with Jenny Colebourne (Athens, 1986-7), Jérôme Andrews (Paris, 1989-92) and Solange Mignoton (Paris, 1992-2006), as well as in the USA (Body-Mind Centering, 1998-2002) and in Paris (Core Body filiation Boulder Colorado, 2003-04). She implemented professionally this method during the celebrations of the Albertville Winter Olympics (1991-92) as well as in the activitites of the Atelier Chorégraphique Chandon S. Mignoton (Paris, 1992-200), the Compagnie de danse contemporaine Murmures [Whispers], and Vasso Barboussi's Contemporary Dance Group Okiroy (Athens, 1987-94). Moreover, she has done her own choregoraphies in Paris, in Normandie and in Greece (1993-2005), while participating in contemporary dance performances with improvisation and use of multimedia. She lives in Paris, where she teaches and conducts research on dance and choreography. She collaborated with the GNO from 1982 to 1991. She danced in the ballets Gigelle (choreographed by Kalina Bogoeva/Leonid Lavrovsky) and Coppelia (choreographed by Yannis Metsis/Arthure Saint-Léon). She also danced in the ballet interludes of the operetta The Godson and in the opera Conroi and his copies. // Last update of the biography: November 2018.