Nikos Astrinidis

Pianist, Composer, Conductor
Born in the town of Akerman Bessarabia (Romania), on 05/06/1921. He studied at the Bucharest Conservatory and took piano lessons from Dinu Lipatti. He was an excellent pianist and conductor. In 1940 he moved with his family to Palestine. During the Second World War he ranked in the Greek Royal Air Force and served in the front in Libya (1941-1943). In 1943 he detached to Cairo and gave about 80 concerts for the Greek and Allied Forces in the Middle East (1940-1943). After the war, he completed his musical studies, taking diploma in piano and composition from Schola Cantorum Paris (1947). From 1948 to 1965 as a pianist he gave more than 2,500 concerts around the world in partnership with leading soloists (Christian Ferris, Henryk Seryng, Jacques Thibaud). At the same time, he composed works that were presented in various European cities. From 1959-1962 he lived in Martinique (French Antilles) where he founded and directed the National School of Music. His compositions include oratorios (St. Demetrios, Cyril and Methodius, The early years of Alexander the Great, etc.), symphonies, chamber music, stage music and songs. He first visited Greece in 1952 and has since returned regularly for concerts. He was a founding member of the Music Society of Northern Greece and member of the Artistic Committee the National Theatre of Northern Greece. He directed many premiers of the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the Opera Room of Northern Greece. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of George I (1962). He was a member of the Société des Auteurs, , Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique (SACEM), the International Society for Contemporary Music (Paris) and the Greek Composers Union. He died on 10/12/2010. For the Greek National Opera he created new orchestration for presentation of the operetta The Godson (O Vaftistikos) (1979-1980).