William Carter

He was born in Durant, Ocklahoma, on 21/3/1935. He started studying dance at age twelve, as a treatment for his polyo symptoms. He continued his studies with ballet teacher Carmelita Maracci in Los Angeles. In 1957, he joined the American Ballet Theater of New York (1957-59). From 1959 to 1963, he worked with the New York City Ballet. He founded the First Chamber Dance Quartet. In 1970, he rejoined the American Ballet Theater, and he danced in his productions until 1979. As leading dancer of the American Ballet Theater, he interpreted a wide variety of roles and was praised by critics as an artist capable to elevate even the most soulless role. As a performer of contemporary dance, he danced with the Martha Graham Dance Company, interpeting roles such as those of Tiresias in Night Journey, Death in Clytemnestra and the Dark Beloved in Deaths and Entrances. He excelled in his interpretation of Hannon in Pearl Lang's ballet Dybbuk. He choreographed for various ballets in the USA and elsewhere. In early 1980s, he led his own ballet and flamenco company. In 1986, he became artistic director of the Rome Opera Ballet. He died at age 56, from AIDS, in Manhattan, New York. He collaborated with the GNO in 1984-85. He choreographed the ballets Concerto No 5 in F minor for piano and orchestra (Bach), and El amor brujo (De Falla), which were staged the following year as well. During the same season, he also choreographed the ballet interlude in the staging of the opera Giulio Cesare, directed by Dino Yannopoulos. // Last update of the biography: March 2020 - The list of the productions below is continually updated.