Katerina Doxastaki

Soloist, Soprano
She was born in Herakleion of Crete. She studied singing with soprano Katerina Tzagkaraki and continued her studies at the Cologne University of Music with soprano Natalie Usselmann, graduating with a diploma in Solo Singing (2000). She completed her studies with soprano Monica Pick-Hieronimi (degree in Solo Singing with a major in opera, song and oratorio, 2007). She attended seminars with Olivera Mijakovic, Klessi Kelly, Michael Habbe and Julia Hamari. She has performed in concerts in Greece in Germany. Her repertoire includes the role Dido from the opera Dido and Aeneas and Despina from the opera Thus Do They All [Così fan tutte], as well as songs, chamber music and workos of contemporary music. She collaborated with the GNO on one occasion, interpreting the coleading role of Titika in Nikos Hatziapostolou's operetta The Apaches of Athens [Oi Apachides ton Athinon] (Acropol Theater, 2008/09).