Kostas Drakakis

Conductor, Composer
He was born in Piraeus. He studied music, electronics and administration. He has composed music for theatrical productions (The Flower of the Levant [To fioro tou Levante], El Greco), stagings of ancient Greek drama (Agamemnon, Iphigenia at Aulis, Lysistrata), works for orchestra and choir (Ave Maria, Orthodox Mass, Catholic Mass, Se Ymnoumen, Requiem), and works for solo instruments. He has harmonized and orchestrated more than 400 works by contemporary composers. He has served on inquiry commissions of the Ministry of Culture and has taught in the Higher Theatre School of Grigoris K. Massalas as well as in dance and music seminars of the European Union. He has published theoretical music papers and authored textbooks used in music theory classes of conservatories. He has appeared on television and done numerous radio shows. He currently serves as artistic director in various conservatories and a technical director in technological departments of music research and production. During the years 1998-2003, he served as Artistic Director of the Municipal Choir of Markopoulo. He has been Choral Director of the "Piraeus Choir 1960" since 1981, while in 1986 he founded the Piraeus Symphony Orchestra. The Municipal Choir of Kalyvia, which he has led since 1987, won 1st prize at the International Choir Festival of Kifissia. At the GNO, he has served as Stage Manager and Chorus Master at the Acropol Theater since 1/12/2000. In 2007, he conducted the chorus in the GNO production of the Sakellaridis/Liavas musical Remember Those Years [Thymisou ekeina ta chronia]. He is in charge of recommending cultural programs to the Prefecture of Piraeus and Artistic Director of the Piraeus International Choir Festival. He has been honored for his work by the Greek Association of Choirs and the Prefecture of Piraeus.