Thodoros Exarhos

Actor, Writer
He was born in Corfu on 10/12/1930. He studied acting at the National Theatre of Greece under Dimitris Horn and Dimitris Rontiris. Initially, he worked for an Athens newspaper as an arts columnist and then as a translator for magazines. He made his theatrical debut in 1951, acting in the play Rain [Vrochi] with the theater company of Katerina. Between 1957 and 2003, he participated in the production of 47 films, including: Electra (1961), Tis tychis ta grammena (1957), Chtypokardia sto thranio (1963), Koinonia ora miden (1966), Pyretos stin asfalto (1967), To pio lampro bouzouki (1968), I Odysseia enos xerizomenou (1969), Asterismos tis Parthenou (1973), Eleftherios Venizelos (1980), Theofilos (1987), Politiki Kouzina (2003). He also performed in several theatrical plays, such as: The Master Builder (Bygmester Solness) with G. Kimoulis, Children of a Lesser God with the G. Vouros, etc. He also participated in popular TV shows (Agnostos polemos, Pseftis pappous, etc.) and did radio shows. He translated theatrical plays. He performed significant research work on theatre, much of which is included in his five-volume dictionary with biographies of Greek actors and actresses from the 18th century to 1940 (Dodoni Publications). He was awarded by the Academy of Athens for his lexicographic work "Greek Actors - In Search of Roots" (1977). During the last years of his life, he turned to poetry. After 1974, he served as Secretary General of the Union of Greek Actors and fought for its democratization. He died in Athens on 9/5/2009. He collaborated with the GNO in the production of the ballet "Mythiambs" [Mythiamvoi], in which he participated as a narrator-actor (1990/91, 1992/93).