Yannis Filias

Soloist, Tenor
He was born in Athens. He studied piano, advanced theory, dance and classic song in the Hellenic Conservatory of Music and Arts and at the Protoporia Conservatory, as well acting at the Greek Art Theater "Karolos Koun" Drama School. He is a graduate of the Music Studies dept. at the University of Athens and the Higher Drama School of the New Greek Theater. He worked as a soloist with music and theater companies and institutions such as: ERT Music Ensembles, Greek Composers, National Theater, Art Theater "Karolos Koun", Orchestra of colours. He worked with composers such as Alkis Baltas, Theodoros Antoniou, Christos Leontis and Charalambos Gogios, as well as with directors such as Spiros Evangelatos, Costa Gavras, Viktor Arditis, Esther Andre Gonzales, Renato Zanella, Costas Koutsomitis, Olga Maleas, Thomas Moschopoulos, Stamatis Fasoulis. He has sang roles, such as: Lucano (The Coronation of Poppea/ L'incoronazione di Poppea" (Ancient Corinth, 2008), Pinkerton (Madama Butterfly), Narrator (A Soldier's Story/L'Histoire du Soldat) etc. At the GNO he worked in the production of Contemporary Opera The Darkness of Mistico by Grigoris Emfietzis (2013), the productions of GNO's experimental stage Waxworks (Wachsfigurenkabinett) Carl Amadeus Hartmann (2006), The Tsar Has his Photograph Taken (Der Zar lässt sich photographieren) by Kurt Weill (2008), Who Did Pee - Pee in the Mississippi by George Dousis and The Secret Kingdom (Das geheime Königreich) by Ernst Krenec (2011), as well as the production of GNO's Chidren's Theater Hänsel und Gretel (Acropol, 2010). He also appeared as 2nd Priest (The Magic Flute/Die Zauberflöte) (2013) and as a Teacher and Pasek (The cunning little vixen/Příhody lišky Bystroušky" (2014-15).