Vassilis Fotopoulos

Set Designer, Painter, Director
He was born in Kalamata in 1934 and passed away in Athens on 14/1/2007. He studied painting at an early age under artist Vangelis Drakos and learned byzantine hagiography. After his father's death in the Greek civil war, he moved to Athens with his mother and brother, Dionysis. He first worked in theater as a set painter at the Acropol and Bournelli theaters. He made his proffesional debut at the GNO at the invitation of Kostis Bastias (1958). Then he had a long, training journey in the major theatrical centers of Europe. When he returned he worked with Theodorakis, Cacoyiannis and Bost in the production Beautiful City [Omorfi Poli] (1962). He collaborated in the production of many films for the bog screen. He worked with Elias Kazan in the film Americ America (1963) and won the Academy Award for Michael Cacoyiannis's film Zorba the Greek (1964). He worked as a set and costume designer with the Greek National Theater, the National Theater of Northern Greece, Aplo Teater, Athinaion Theater, Attiko Theater and others. In the period 1965/74 he lived in the USA, where he worked in theater performances, collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola (1966) and directed the film Orestis (1973). He came back to Greece and worked mith the top Greek directors, such as Minotis, Dassin, Katrakis, Volanakis, Michailidis, Solomos, etc. Since 1980, he focused on painting and held personal exhibitions (1991, 1996, 1999). During 1958-1980 he worked with the GNO, designing sets and costumes for productions of a number of works including: Alceste (Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 1959), La Serva padrona, Faust, La Gioconda, Die lustige Witwe, Kassiani, Salome (Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 1980). // Last update of the biography: December 2020 - The list of the productions below is continually updated.