RETURNSophia Kyanidou

Sophia Kyanidou

Soloist, Soprano
She studied at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki under Varvara Tsambali. She continued her studies at the Vienna Academy of Music under Helene Karusso (singing), Kurt Equiluz (Lied, oratorio) and Curt Malm (School of Opera). She has attended voice seminars under Daphne Evangelatou, Anna Tomowa-Sintow and Kostas Paskalis. Her repertory includes a wide range of works from Baroque to modern music. She collaborates with music ensemvles and institutions in Greece and abroad, such as: the Athens Concert Hall, the Athens Chamber Opera, the Opera of Thessaloniki, the Wiener Opern Theater, the Camerata Orchestra, the Municipal and State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, the Athens State Orchestra, the Greek Music Ensemble, the Orchestra of Colors and other independent institutions. She has performed works by 20th-century Greek and foreign composers, including Nikos Skalkotas, Yiannis Papaioannou, Theodore Anthoniou, Yorgo Sicilianos, Periklis Koukos, Spyros Samaras, Iannis Xenakis, Gavin Bryars, Harrison Birtwistle, etc. She has appeared at the Konzerthaus and the Musikverein, Vienna and at the Konzerthaus Berlin. She has participated in the Demetria Festival, the Athens Festival, the Festival of Sacred Music of Patmos, Delphi Festival, Kaleidoskop der Nationen, the Gaude Mater International Festival of Sacral Mousic, etc.. She has sang symphony works (Mahler) and oratorios (Beethoven, Schumann, Haydn, Mendelssohn). In 2005-2007 she taught at the University of Macedonia. In 2010 she appeared at the Theatre of Wuppertal, singing the title role Samaras’ opera La martire. She has sung leading and principal roles in such GNO productions as Pericles Koukos' Manuel Salinas, Les Contes d’Hoffmann, Carmen, The Mother's Ring, Carrer's Marathon-Salamis, The Cretan Girl etc. // Last update of the biography: December 2015 - The list of productions below is continually updated.