Markella Manoliadi

Born in Athens, she graduated from the National School of Dance, Greece, and collaborated with such dance groups as Konstantinos Michos’ Lathos Kinisi, Apostolia Papadamaki’s Quasi Stellar, Andonis Foniadakis’ Apotosoma, Jenny Argyriou’s Amorphy and Ioanna Parali’s Landscape. She has danced in Greece and abroad. Moreover, as a choreographer she has collaborated with Angela Brouskou’s theatre ensemble in two productions: Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire and Aeschylus’ Agamemnon (Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Athens Festival). She has choreographed for teenage group Aldines of the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center as well as for the Hellenic Junior Dance Company of the National School of Dance. As a choreographer assistant she has worked for the 2004 Summer Paralympics (Athens), Greek National Opera and Children’s Stage of the National Theatre, Greece. She teaches at the National School of Dance and at the Metaneira Dance School, Athens. Since 2008 she has been working with Konstantinos Rigos’ OKTANA Dancetheatre and since 2009 with Andonis Foniadakis.