Eva Nathena

Set Designer, Costume Designer
She was born in Herakleion of Crete. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts where she was taught painting by Chronis Botsoglou and set design by Giorgos Ziakas. First she worked as an assistant to set designer Dionysis Fotopoulos and then she went on to work in theatre and fim alongisde directors such as Costa Gavras (All Around Is Light, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), Pantelis Voulgaris (Brides [Nyfes]), Dimitris Lignadis (Bacchae, Amadeus, Miss Julia), Yiannis Kakleas (Cyrano de Bergerac, The Magic Pillows), Panagiotis Portokalakis [Oi theatrines], Costas Kapakas (Uranya), Roula Pateraki, George Siougas, Konstantinos Arvanitakis, Petros Zoulias (Marinella meets Vempo) and Fokas Evagelinos [Tha Se Paro Na Fygoume]. She has been awarded the State Prize for Costume Design for her work in the films Nyfes, Oi theatrines and Uranya. For the GNO, she was in charge of the set and costumes in the operetta The Merry Widow [Die lustige Witwe] during the artistic season 2011/12. // Last update of the biography: December 2015