Georgios Sklavos

Composer, Music Critic
Drawing his descent from the island of Sifnos, he was born to Greek parents in Braila of Romania, on 20/8/1886 or 1888. He attended Greek schools of the Diaspora and took part in choirs of church music. He enrolled at the Athens Conservatory in 1907 and studied advanced music theory with Armand Marsick, graduating in 1913. Thereafter, he was hired by the Athens Conservatory as a professor, teaching music history, advanced music theory and orchestration (1913-1968) while at the same time also serving as library supervisor (1924-1968). He also taught at the Piraeus Conservatory. Many significant Greek composers, such as Yorgos Sicilianos, Michalis Adamis, Yannis Ioannidis, Antonis Kokkinos, et al. were students of his. He was founding member of the Greek Composers Union and has intermittently served on its Board of Directors. He was founding member of the "Folk Concerts" institution and supervisor at the library of the Athens State Orchestra. He participated in the Greek Vocal Quartet [Elliniko Fonitiko Kouarteto] and, in 1909, he joined the chorus of the Greek Opera Company [Elliniko Melodrama]. He composed six operas, one ballet, several symphonic works, adaptations and harmonizations of folk songs as well as harmonizations of byzantine music works. He translated into Greek the librettos of operas and oratorios. He also translated, supplemented and published Hugo Riemann's Handbook of Music History [Handbuch der Musikgeschichte] (Athens, 1933). He worked with Dionysios Lavrangas in drafting the music entries of the Great Greek Encyclopedia of "Pyrsos" [Megali Elliniki Egkyklopaideia tou "Pyrsou"] and authored articles and music critiques in newspapers and magazines, as well as entries in Encyclopedias and Lexicons and analyses of symphonic and opera works in the programs of the Athens State Orchestra and the GNO. During the years 1946-1949, he served as Director General of the GNO. The National Opera has presented the following of his works: Eagle [Aetos], Lestenitsa, Kassiani, The Lily on the Seashore [To krino st' akrogiali]. He died in Athens on 19/3/1976.