Onoufrios Sohos

Soloist, Bass, Chorus Master
He was born in Athens on 10/09/1934, to parents hailing from the island of Tinos. He was a cantor at the church of Life-Giving Spring [Zoodohou Pigis] for a decade (1945-1955), opposite principal cantor Petros Maneas. In 1949 he joined the Choir of the Chapel of the Palace, under Michael Adamis, and in 1950 he was hired by the choir of the Church of St. George Karytsis. In 1954, he began studying solo singing and music theory at the Hellenic Conservatory and in 1963 he received his degree in Advanced Music Theory. During 1958-1963, he also attended solo singing lessons at the Greek National Conservatory. During the years 1962-1066, he studied at the Orpheus Athens Conservatory Melodrama School, obtaining a solo singing and melodrama diploma. In the period 1960-1964 he was a member of the Athens Festival Chorus. He conducted several church and secular choirs and taught at various schools, training several prominent church cantors. He founded the Ydravlos School of Music (1976), the School of Theater and Melodrama (1977), the “Friends of Greek Classical and Ecclesiastical Music” Society, the chamber music ensemble “Nikolaos Mantzaros” and a Dance School run by Lili Berde (1978). In 1986, he traveled to the United States, where he gave lectures, attended courses and received a doctorate. From 1988 to 1992, he taught and founded the Department of Music and Theater at the Athens Technical Education Institute (TEI). Since 1992, he was repeatedly elected Member of the Board with the European Association of Teachers. In 1994, he published the book Voice Orthophony [I Phonitiki Orthophonia], while he was also an occasional contributor of articles in newspapers and magazines on music education topics. He passed away in May 2013. He collaborated with the GNO during the years 1967-1986, performing supporting roles in the operetta The godson [O vaftistikos] and the opera La traviata.