Lefteris Spinoulas

Soloist, Tenor, Director, Conductor
He was born into a musical family on Corfu island, Greece in 1927. He initially sang in local choirs and studied singing at the National Conservatory of Corfu. He moved to Athens where he continued studying at the Kalomiris’ central National Conservatory under Sotos Vassiliadis, Giorgos Vokos, Michael Vourtsis and Ulysses Lappas (1951-1953). In 1953 he continued and completed his studies at the Antiochos Evangelatos’ Greek Conservatory under Marios Varvoglis, Miltiades Koutougos, Sofia Zarbi and Litsa Psatheri. He graduated with a diploma in solo singing, advanced music theory and opera. He debuted as temporary GNO chorus member in 1957 in the operas The magic flute [Die Zauberflöte] and Fidelio (Athens Festival). He was hired by the GNO in 1957. He worked for a long time as a musical stage guide (1958-1967) and as of 1970 he was responsible for the revival and stage direction of a large part of GNO’s repertoire. He studied under directors Riccardo Moresco, Jon Copley, Ezio Frigerio, Mladen Sablic, Alexis Minotis, Pelos Katselis, Takis Mouzenidis and Dinos Giannopoulos. As a director, assistant director or backstage manager, he worked in about 200 productions and/or revivals for thirty years. He directed the operas Spring tale [Anoixiatiko paramythi, by Titos Xirellis (1979/80) and The magic flute [Die Zauberflöte] (1983/84). In the decade 1974-1984 he conducted the Bank of Greece 60-member mixed Chorus in various events. In 1985 he was appointed to the Corfu Chorus and conducted a series of concerts in Greece and abroad (France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA, Australia). In 1986 he represented Greece in the Wales International Choral Festival, where he excelled (3rd place). He taught opera and acting at the Piraeus Conservatory, as well as voice, classical singing and opera at the Experimental Conservatory, Palaio Psychico, Athens. His own musical compositions and harmonization of choral works were published in 1986.