Ioannis Stylianopoulos

Actor, Singer
He was born in Smyrna in 1890. At first, he took engineering courses at the English School of Smyrna. His subsequent participation in Ioannis Papaioannou’s operetta company in Romania gave him the stimulus to engage in theater and operetta. Following a number of theater collaborations in Smyrna, he traveled to Athens and joined the theater company of Eleni Enkel (1919). In 1927, he founded his own company and toured throughout Greece until the end of the interwar period. During the years 1939-1953, he collaborated with the newly established GNO in approximately 30 productions and/or revivals, interpreting leading and supporting roles in 12 operettas: The Gypsy Baron [Der Zigeunerbaron], The godson [O vaftistikos], Boccacio, The Street Woman [I gynaika tou dromou], The Merry Widow [Die lustige Witwe], Countess Maritza [Gräfin Mariza], The Little Dutch Girl [Das Hollandweibchen], The bat [Die Fledermaus], In the Barracks [Sta Parapigmata], The Land of Smiles [Das Land des Lächelns], House of the Three Girls [Das Dreimäderlhaus] and A Waltz Dream [Ein Walzertraum]. He also interpreted the role of Goro in the opera Madama Butterfly. All the productions, in which he participated, were first presentations of works by the then newly established GNO. In addition, he wrote the librettos for the operettas: A Surprise [Mia surprise], O Pitsikos, Love Mask [Maska tis agapis], Ah! Those widows [Ah! Aftes oi chires], I will be back one night [Mia nychta tha xanartho] and Vendetta. He also wrote the revues: Wily Woman [Katergara], Scam [Lovitoura], Candy [Karamela], Foxy Lady [Naziara], Bell [Kampana], An Armenian in Athens [Enas Armenis stin Athina], The Boozer’s Prayer [I prosefchi tou bekri], Armenian Misunderstanding [Armeiki paraxigisi].