Aliki Υiannetaki

Dancer, Choreographer
She is a distinguished graduate of the Ministry of Culture, with higher studies at the International Academy of Varna, with which she cooperates to date. In 1977 she founded a School of Dance, being a teacher and manager. She has staged educational ballet programs on television, choreographies for the Municipal Theater of Heraklion, as well as choreographies for children’s theaters. In 1997 she created a dance group with which, in cooperation with the Attica Municipality of Heraklion, she presents choreographies at the Heracleia Festival. From 1975 to 1996 she was a member of the GNO Ballet, appearing in more than 20 drama and opera productions. She has danced, among other operas, in The Night Bell [Il campanello] by Gaetano Donizetti (1975/76), Eugene Onegin and Carmen (Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 1976/77), Betrothal in a Monastery (1978/79, 1979/80), Flora Mirabilis [Magiki anthisi] by Spiro Samara (1978/79) and Arabeau, in music by Stefanos Vasiliadis (1989/90), and in Theofrastos Sakellaridis’ operetta The Godson [O Vaftistikos] (1989-1990). She also danced in the ballets The Damned Snake [To katarameno fidi] ( Massine/Hatzidakis, 1977/78), L’ Arlesiana (Cassanto/Bizet (1978/79), Elektra (Keuten/Theodorakis, 1978/79, 1979/80), Don Quixote (Bogoeva - Petipa/Minkus, 1981/82, 1995/96), Giselle (Bogoeva - Lavrovsky/Adam (1982/83, 1983/84, 1986/87), Coppélia (Metsis - Saint Léon/Delibes (1988/89, 1989/90), Romeo and Juliet (van Dantzig/Prokofiev, (Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 1994/95) and Sebastian (de Pian/Menotti, 1995/96).