Christos Zerbinos

Accordeonist, GNO BT Member
He was born in Kalamata. At the age of 16 he completed his studies in accordion with T. Papastathopoulou – Mavrea in Kalamata. He then moved to Athens to study piano with Max Halleker, advanced theory with Konstantinos Nonis and composition with Theodoros Antoniou. He completed his studies in composition with honors, 1st Prize and won a monetary award in the memory of Manos Hadjidakis. His works are played by various orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Since the mid-1980's, he is the first Greek musician to include accordion among classical (concert) instruments, thus contributing greatly to its estabnlishment as an organ appropriate to use in classical music concerts. In his continuous search for nw ways of musical expression, he explored new techniques and created a totally personal style that distinguished him as one of the greatest accordion players ofthe time. At the same time, he cooperated, as a composer and mucisian, with music ensembles, such as: the Camerata Orchestra, the Orchestra of Colours, the Orchesrta ALEA III of Boston, the Orchestra of Sofia Soloists, the Greek Symphony Orchestra of the Greek Radio and Television (ERT), the Greek Contemporary Music Group, the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra, the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra and others. He has performed at the Religious Music Festval of Patmos. Most of his works are ordered by Greek and foreign soloists, orchestras and chamber music groups, or assigned by music organizations such as the Athens Concert Hall, the Greek Composers Union (EEM), the 3rd Programme of the Greek Radio etc. He is a member of the Association of Greek Composers, leading member of the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra and teaches Advanced Theory in the "Athens Orfio" Conservatory. There are recording of his performances available (Sirios, EMI). Since 2006, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the GNO, representing the EEM. // Last update of the biography: June 2018.