RETURNOlga Zourbina

Olga Zourbina

She was born in Moldavia. During the period 1987/95 she studied at the Federal Lycée of Choreography in her home country specializing in artistic dance. During 1993/97 she participated in all performances of the National Theatre of Moldavia, of which she had become a permanent member since 1995. During the years 1998-2001 she continued with her studies in the Greek National School of Dance in Athens. Since 2004 she has been a member of the Ballet of the Greek National Opera and participates in ballet productions such as: Solitaire, Afternoon of a Faune, Les Sylphides, Giselle, Zorba, Alles Walzer, Chopin in Love, Voyage to Eternity. She also participated in ballet interludes in opera productions such as Marathon-Salamis etc