Stamatis Fasoulis

Actor, Director
He is a native of Ambelakia, Salamis. He graduated from the National Theater of Greece Drama School. He made his debut with the Giannis Fertis-Xenia Kalogeropoulou theater company in Gogol’s The Inspector General (1972). He was a key member of the Elefthero Theater and later of the Eleftheri Skini until 1986. He worked with Xenia Kalogeropoulou’s Children's Theatre, Mikri Porta Theater, Leonidas Trivizas’ Laiko Peiramatiko Theater (Captain Shell-Captain Esso, and Brecht’s Mutter Courage [Mother courage]), as well as with Dimitris Horn’s theater company in Peter Barnes’ The Bewitched [O dikos mas]. He has also taken part in many revues. As a director he has collaborated with most Athens-based theater companies, staging almost all genres, from revues and musicals to Chekhov and Aristophanes, excluding Shakespeare. In the six years from 1992 to 1998 he collaborated regularly with the Veaki Theater. He directed Lenos Christidis’ first play Oraia Phasi and Reppas-Papathanasiou’s Vira tis Agyres, at the National Theater. He has written texts for many revues and has worked on the translation of plays. In 1999 he inaugurated the Dimitris Horn Theater as director and actor. He directed and starred with his own troupe the plays: Daphnes kai Pikrodaphnes (Dimitris Kehaidis/Eleni Haviara), Mana-Mitera-Mama (Giorgos Dialagmenos), To Fyndanaki (Pantelis Horn), Bambades me roumi (Michalis Reppas/Thanassis Papathanasiou), Art (Yasmina Reza) Ex Epaphis [Closer] (Patrick Marber), Three days of rain (Richard Greenberg), To spiti fevgei (A. Nikolis), etc. He directed the GNO production of the opera The elixir of love [L'elisir d'amore] (Olympia Theater, 2011/12).