Dialekti Kampakou

Soloist, Soprano
She was born in Athens and studied at the Athens Conservatoire under Iro Palli and received a Soloist Diploma with distinction. She studied in Milan under Maria Luisa Cioni, on a Maria Callas scholarship, and in New York under Antonia Lavanne on another scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation. She won the award for best Greek appearance in the Opera category of the International Maria Callas Grand Prix (1999); First Prize in the SIMO contest (δεν βρέθηκε); and, the Fofi Sarantopoulou award (2006). She is a permanent staff member of the GNO since 2003 and has participated, inter alia, in the productions: The Magic Flute [Die Zauberflöte] (1997/98), The Frenzy of Orlando [Orlando furioso] (2003), Alcina (2004/05), The Marriage of Figaro [Le Nozze di Figaro] (2006), The impresario [L'impresario] (2006/07), The Tsar has his photograph taken [Der Zar lässt sich photographieren] (GNO Experimental Theatre, 2008). She has also sung in the works The goose of Cairo [L'oca del Cairo](Teatro Ariberto Milan, 2000), and Kharálampos Goyós’ Red Riding Hood and the (good) wolf [I kokkinoskoufitsa kai o (kalos) lykos] (Roes Theatre, 2005) and Damage, an Opera in Seven Meals [Pligi, opera se epta gevmata] (Athens Festival, 2008). She has participated in many concerts in Greece and abroad and has taught modern and classical song.