Günter Lohse

He was born on 9/7/1934 in Delitzsch, Sxony and died on 9/2/2009 in Leipzig. He studied German language and philosophy at the University of Leipzig (1953-1957) under Hans Mayer and Ernst Bloch, among others. He worked as dramatist in Nordhausen for two years (1959-1960). He was an assistant to director Joachim Herz (1959-60) in Leipzig, where he also debuted as director. He was appointed to several administrative positions at the Leipzig Opera (1964-91) and directed a large number of opera productions. In addition, he directed the children’s opera Help, Help the Globolinks! [Hilfe, Hilfe, die Globolinks] by Menotti, as well as the premieres of Fritz Geissler’s works The Broken Jug [Der zerbrochene Krug] (1971) and The Shadow [Der Schatten] (1975), and Karl Treibmann’s The Idiot [Der Idiot] (1988). In East Germany, he directed the premieres of The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife [Die wundersame Schustersfrau] by Udo Zimmermann and the musical My Fair Lady. Until 2001 he collaborated with opera theaters in Warsaw, Bratislava, Sofia, Saint Gallen, Klagenfurt (1970-81), Heidelberg (1991) and Ljubljana (2001). He taught at the Felix Mendelson-Bartholdy Higher Music and Theater School of Leipzig (1994 onwards). He was an honorary member of the Opera of Leipzig and the Friends of the Musical Comedy Theatre of Leipzig. In 2001 he published a book with anecdotes of the musical theater world (Ich bin keine Bodentür). He collaborated with the GNO once, directing the production of Benjamin Britten’s opera Albert Herring (Olympia Theater, 1984/85).