RETURNThanasis Solomos

Thanasis Solomos

He was born in Patra, Greece. He graduated from the Greek National School of Dance, Athens. He attended seminars and flamenco lessons and took part in performances by choreographers Hazel Acosta and Carlo in Athens. He also attended contemporary and classical dance seminars, improvisation seminars and lectures by Greek and foreign teachers and choreographers in the Kalamata International Dance Festival (Greece). He participated in the Choreo-Co-Ordination Project organized by Elia Dance Section in Belgium, as part of the Dance and Art of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), representing the Greek National School of Dance. He participated in a production staged by choreographers Takako Segawa, Tachibana Chia and Lila Zafiropoulou, as part of the Dance Festival held in Kochi, Japan, during which he also taught modern dance seminars. He collaborated with the dance companies Airesis, Proskairi Synthesi, Sinequanon, Theatrokinisi, Haris Mandafounis’ Contemporary Dance Company, Dimitris Papaioannou’s Omada Edafous, Sxedia, Lila Zafiropoulou’s Eldor, Io, Monogram, Proschima, X-Art, Aenaon Dance Theater. As a member of the GNO Ballet since 2003, he has participated as a ballet dancer and/or soloist in the ballet productions: Journey to Eternity [Taxidi stin aioniotita], Chopin in Love, Everyone waltz! [Alles Walzer!], Zorba the Greek, Carmen, as well as in the ballet sequences in the operas: The seven deadly sins [Die SIeben Todsünden], Marathon-Salamis, Dimitris Maragopoulos’ The mask of red [I maska tou kokkinou] (1998/99) and Tannhäuser (Athens Concert Hall, 2008/09). He danced at the GNO dance workshops along with choreographer Thomas McManus presenting William Forsythe’s work on The Questioning of Robert Scott (2008).